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Kato Rundle, MA, LPC

I am a licensed Mental Health Therapist who also has Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). I have been living with HS for 5 years. I was diagnosed approximately 6 months into my journey with HS. I was grateful for the early diagnosis, as many live without a proper diagnosis for years before receiving the correct diagnosis of HS. Learning to navigate and manage life with HS has been difficult, to say the least. HS has impacted my quality of life immensely at times, affecting me physically, psychologically and emotionally. Throughout my journey with HS thus far, I have held to the belief that HS does NOT define me. We are so much more than this diagnosed condition.


Once I was diagnosed, I became interested in gaining all of the knowledge I could regarding HS. I sought out a referral to an HS Specialist and joined various support groups online. HS Connect and it’s online Facebook group, Hidradenitis Suppurativa Unique Fun Facts – HS Connect Global Support Group stood out to me. The information and resources they provide are invaluable. I also began reviewing peer-reviewed journal articles, empirical studies and other valid resources. I soon realized there was a ton of misinformation out there regarding HS and stigmatization of HS, which is perpetuated by the lack of knowledge about HS within the medical community, the general public, and within the HS Community itself. I am passionate about advocating to ensure that fellow persons diagnosed with HS are able to receive correct and factual information, legitimate educational resources, and provide information on research – when appropriate.


I have been open and honest about my experience with HS, which has been cathartic. I enjoy the connections and friendships I have made within the HS support groups and I am beyond grateful for the many whom I have crossed paths with. Living with HS has given me the opportunity to connect with some truly inspirational and amazing individuals. As a Community Advocate I hope to connect with even more of you. I look forward to working with you to answer any questions you may have and to provide the necessary information and resources to help you better navigate and manage your life with HS.

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